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Crystal Sound has been serving the Pittsburgh area for over 40 years. We are a leading Motorola two-way radio dealer and public address/sound system company based in McMurray Pennsylvania.

Manufacturing Solutions

Keeping up with business today means operating at the speed of NOW. Next generation devices and software only go so far, but with NOW Generation technology, everything can be instantly mobilized with real-time Push-to-Talk solutions. Safety, efficiency, and uptime all depend on fast, accurate decision-making. Industrial unified communications empower every team to make the right call at the right time.

Education Solutions

Regardless of school size or location, the top priority of educators is a safe and welcoming learning environment. Whether it's an everyday situation or an emergency, every second counts. Explore the blog posts to learn more about industry trends and next generation communication and security solutions to help keep students and staff safe and connected.

Crystal Sound, Inc.

Motorola Solutions Two-way Radio Sales, Service, and Rentals

Portable Radios

Connect your entire operation with MOTOTRBO™ digital portable radios from Motorola Solutions.

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Mobile Radios

Keep your team connected with MOTOTRBO™ mobile radios frm Motorola Solutions.

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Expand the functionality of your MOTOTRBO two-way radio with advanced applications.

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Wide Area Coverage

We offer wide area two-way radio coverage in Allegheny County, and Washington County.

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Two-way Radio Rentals

Rent Motorola two-way radios/walkie talkies and accessories for your next event.

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Dispatch Solutions

Have the peace of mind that your team has the best tools available to respond quickly and effectively.

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Discover What MOTOTRBO Can Do For Your Business

MOTOTRBO offers a portfolio of analog and digital two-way radios that enable voice and data communications. It combines the best of two-way radio functionality with the latest digital technology for instant communicating, easy decision-making and seamless coordinating.

  • Hear And Be Heard Clearly In Noisy Environments
  • Reach Your Workforce Wherever They Go
  • Move From Analog To Digital With Ease
  • Get Advanced Capabilities And Business-Critical Features
Motorola Solutions

Best Selling Radios

Motorola two-radios make dedicated two-way communications faster, clearer, and easier to use for users on the move. These practical radios can easily help increase productivity by keeping users communicating, while allowing them to concentrate on the job at hand.

Motorola CP100d



The affordable Motorola CP100d radios offer all the benefits of digital technology – up to 35% longer talk-time, twice the voice capacity in a 12.5 kHz licensed channel, wider radio coverage, and superior audio.

Motorola CP200d



The rugged Motorola CP200d™ analog or digital two-way radio offers all the benefits of the latest technology – up to 40% longer battery life, twice the capacity, greater coverage and superior audio.




The Motorola XPR 3300e delivers analog and digital voice capabilities, with support for basic systems and a feature-set geared to maximum workplace efficiency. WI-FI and Bluetooth available.



XPR 3500e

The XPR 3500e is designed for the everyday worker who needs effective communications. With systems support and loud, clear audio, these next-generation radios deliver cost effective connectivity.



XPR 7350e

The Motorola XPR 7350e two-way radio offers excellent range, battery life and best-in-class audio quality in all digital and analog systems, and a full suite of features to enhance safety and productivity.



XPR 7550e

The Motorola XPR 7550e offers high performance integrated voice and data, and advanced features for efficient operation, these next-generation radios deliver complete connectivity to your organization.

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